Horizontal Loop

I was not interested in installing a horizontal loop but I did not have the tower height needed for a vertical full wave loop. Not easy to support 257 feet of wire as a right triangle when your highest support is only 55 feet. So I ended up with a somewhat square configuration. Three supports at 30 feet two supports at 15 feet. The feedline is 300 ohm twinlead, the good stuff, not the cheap flimsey ribbon line.

My old Johnson KW matchbox would not tune it on 75 meters but an old homebrew Z-match got the match down to 1:1 SWR.

Prior to using the loop I was running an inverted vee dipole, apex at 50 feet, ends at 20 feet. Running about 500 watts to the antenna I was getting consistent reports of 9 plus 10db from a regularly scheduled sched with another ham about 150 miles to the north of my QTH. We had been running a Sunday morning sched for the better part of 20 years from the same locations. He had always been 10db over 9 too.

The horizontal loop has us trading signals at 20db over 9.

Last Sunday was the first time the loop was used. We will see if it works as well this Sunday.
Initial indications appear to be telling us that the loop has a 10db advantage over the old inverted vee. That is probably too good to be true but we do know that the loop works better than the inverted vee.

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