Half Off

I hear more than the usual number of ads offering services and product at ‘half off’. I keep wondering ‘half off’ what? My budget is based on dollars American. It has no provisions for including things ‘half off’.

I find it interesting that most of these ‘half off’ deals are on services and products that are questionable at best and outright frauds at worst.

For instance, one outfit wants to spray paint the underside of your attic with aluminum paint. Claims it cools the attic in the summer and reduces the heat load on your air-conditioning. I bet they also claim it heats your attic in the winter.

Another scammer offers you a third party warranty on anything you feel needs it. They claim the warranty can save you money on replacement costs of various equipment. Evidently they have figured out how to fix things at low or no cost.

There are a number of insurance companies who have policies that are not available in all states but they are only 20 percent off.

I think a consumer has to be 100 percent OFF to fall for any of these scams.

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