Assembled in America

Sounds better than ‘Made in China’ but does not mean it was made in the United States by U.S. citizens. A common mistake we make is to consider the term America to mean the United States. The United States is just one of many countries located in America.

As long as it is not food, medicine, critical safety equipment or toys, I have no problems with stuff made in China. What I do have problems with is companies trying to hide country of origin by claiming their product was assembled in America.

Most everything that requires shipping needs to be disassembled, to some extent, for shipping. Hence, it has to be assembled upon arrival at its destination. This has absolutely nothing to do with its country of origin.

People who use the phrase ‘assembled in America’ just don’t want to tell you it was not made in the United States.

Not being made in the United States is not always a bad thing, but companies who try to deceive the public are bad news regardless of where they operate.

So, when you hear the term ‘assembled in America’, the sales folk may be trying to hide the fact that it was made by HIV positive pygmies in some third world hell hole from reconstitute cow poo.

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