Special offer from the Geeks. Debranded HP computer for under $200! The thing comes with a 250gig SATA drive, 1gig memory, Lightscribe DVD burner, Athlon 64 X2 dual core 2.2 ghz 4200+ processor and motherboard with integrated video and lan plus 3 pci slots and one pci express slot.

Wow! just what I need at a price I can afford. Or so I thought.

First problem; no operating system. Normally that would not stop a computer guru, but this thing needs a 64 bit operating system. Some Linux software will support 64 bit hardware for cheap but if we want to use windows it will have to be Vista. XP will not work and Vista is not ready for prime time. Some hardware will support 32 bit as well as 64 bit but this is not one of those.

Second problem; drivers may be hard to find. That translates to mean that the integrated video and lan may not work due to missing software. No drivers, no workee.

Third problem; Lightscribe DVD burner. I was eager to get into using a lightscribe burner. Lightscribe is a system that uses the laser to label the disk. Trouble is lightscribe capable disks are about twice as expensive as normal disks. Oh well, can’t use the burner anyway. Don’t have drivers for it!

Now I understand what debranded means, junk.

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