Compressed Natural Gas. This stuff has been around as long as gasoline. We are told it is 40 percent cheaper than gasoline. So how come hardly anyone uses it? Is the conversion to CNG expensive? Is it as safe as gasoline? Wasn’t there a town on the east coast that got blown away when a tanker carrying CNG blew up? Since there is no refining involved, how come it is only 40 percent cheaper? Will it still be 40 percent cheaper after everyone has been converted to use CNG?

Maybe that 40 percent is because it is not taxed as heavily. I understand that gasoline carries about 80 cents per gallon state and federal tax. No point in taxing CNG because hardly anyone uses it.

Hey, here is an idea; we will put masts and sails on our cars and let the wind push us around. Make that Pickens guy proud.

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One Comment on “CNG”

  1. admin Says:

    Update. Turns out that converting a normal automobile to run off CNG costs about $3000 and puts a large tank in your trunk, making it useless for luggage.

    Now I understand what he means when he says, ‘but we need your help’!

    That $3k is just about enough to buy all the gas I need for a year even at todays inflated prices. I also suspect that once the use of CNG goes up as everyone converts to it, the price of CNG will also go up.

    Yeah but we won’t be sending our money to terrorists. I’m not so sure we are doing that now. This whole idea of keeping dollars at home is reminiscent of past experiences with auto manufacturers. They implored you to buy American. Then we found out there were lots of parts in those cars that were not made in America. Guess it was okay for the auto manufacturers NOT to ‘buy American’. That was only good for American consumers.

    If a transfer of wealth were a potential problem for us, it is one of the few problems that can be handled by government. Trouble is government has caused the problem. If we do not want to send money overseas then we need to find and use domestic oil. Going to wind turbines and CNG is not a total solution. It might help but not when it costs me money I don’t need to spend.

    No, the bottom line is, where can I get the best deal for my dollar to supply my energy needs. If the government does not care if that means I have to buy from terrorists, who am I to complain.

    The government needs to stop blaming others for its screw-ups and folk like Mr. Pickens need to stop taking advantage of us.

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