Lordy, lordy, seems that Ford has more than just financial problems.

Appears that they have used faulty valve stems on the tires of their new cars. So the tires don’t stay inflated for long. Wonder what other parts they have failed to test. You can’t build a car just from valve stems.

They got these defective valve stems from China. Guess they figured they could trust the Chinese. That makes me wonder if we can trust Ford. What with their history of screw ups, the valve stem problem is just ‘business as usual’.

Remember the pintos that were famous for transforming themselves into fireballs upon being rear ended? They grew up to become crown victorias with the same problem.

Then I recall the explorers turning turtle at times. Ford blamed that on the tire manufacturer. Never mind that the tire manufacturers tires performed properly on other vehicles.

Now Ford may very well be innocent in the cause of these unfortunate events. They may very well be victims, but the only sure way I know of not becoming a victim of an unfortunate Ford event is not to own, rent, or drive a Ford. And I don’t. My Toyota is not at all infested with the evil demons that seem to haunt Ford products.

You don’t suppose that I am the only automobile owner that avoids Ford? If other prospective customers are also turned off by Ford, maybe that is why they are having economic problems.

Sometimes it is not a case of not being able to find a job, it is more a case of not finding an employer dumb enough to hire you.

The same can be said for automobile customers.

Cost becomes more of a side issue when the automobile you are considering has the potential to kill you because of faulty equipment or parts.

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