The Hoe

Forty years or so ago I purchased my first hoe. It was part of a package including a lawnmower, rake, shovel, and edger. All implements required by a new homeowner to maintain the lawn and garden. About ten years later the hoe broke. It broke at the point where the metal part attached to the wooden handle. The metal part was all rusty and ended up being tossed out with the garbage but I kept the handle.

Recently on our morning walk, my wife and I strolled past a house that had put out a broken hoe for garbage pickup. I noticed that it was in good shape except for the fact that the handle had broken off. It had failed in the same way as my first hoe.

“Don’t you dare”, was my wife’s comment. So I left it there.

On our second pass around the park, I picked up the discarded hoe and took it home.

I found the old handle I had saved and cut the broken end square on the table saw. Then a few minutes of sanding on the large sanding disc had the end tapered down to where the metal sleave fit perfectly. I installed the sleave and drilled a hole up into the handle to attach the new metal part. I filled the hole partway with epoxy and hammered the metal part into the handle. Some of the epoxy came out of the hole and I smoothed it around the wooden end effectively sealing it.

Now I have a new hoe.

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