Miles per Gallon

I chuckle when I see current automobile ads where the seller gets all excited about the 30 mpg claimed for a new pint sized automobile.

I have been getting 32 mpg in my 1995 Camry LE for the last 12 years and it is a comfortable full sized car.

Low fuel economy along with outrageous purchase prices are an indication that automobile manufacturers do not understand the automotive market. New cars are averaging around 20K per vehicle. You can save about 25 percent of that by buying the car after it is a year old. You can save 75 percent or more by buying an older gas hog. You can buy a lot of gas for 15K dollars. Cost wise there is no real difference between spending the 15k on gas or spending it on a miniature new car that gets less gpm than it should.

The point is that ‘miles per gallon’ may not be a good measure of cost per mile. We need to consider all factors when considering the cost of owning and operating an automobile.

We are not trying to ‘cheap out’ here. Just trying to make sure we don’t get screwed by sales people who specialize in misleading consumers for profit.

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