Nothing is free, especially shipping. Now you can get free delivery to a local branch of a large chain store but you have to go to the store to pick it up.

My wife recently bought a new digital camera. A Canon one shot. Found one on the Amazon web site for $119 with free shipping.

She added it to her shopping basket and was redirected to a different website. These folk wanted $10 for shipping. They also priced the camera at $99. It did not take but a few seconds to realize that a final price of $109 was better than a final price of $119. We would much rather commit to spend $109 even though $10 of that went for shipping, than pay $10 more and get free shipping.

It was $109 total with $10 of that going for shipping.

The original deal was a total of $119 with free shipping. That ‘FREE’ shipping was going to cost us an additional $10.

We also looked into getting the 4gig memory card that was recommended. The card was advertized at a price of $2.50 but the shipping on that 4oz card was $7.00! No thanks! We can get the card locally for under $5.00 even with the sales tax.

I do not like venders blowing smoke up my rear about ‘FREE SHIPPING’, pulling bait and switch frauds, and generally trying to take unfair advantage of their customers to enhance their bottom line.

It is going to be a very cold day in hell before I ever consider ordering anything from Amazon again.

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One Comment on “Be Wary of 'FREE SHIPPING'”

  1. admin Says:

    It appears that I misjudged Amazon. Due to a lack of knowledge about Amazon, I came to a premature, negative conclusion.

    The camera we bought is a Canon Power Shot A590 IS. It is one of the lower end cameras offered by Canon with a suggested retail price of $149. We got it for $99 from Adora and paid $10 to UPS to have it delivered.

    For what we paid for it this camera is well worth the price. Lots of nice fratures and worth serious consideration.

    On the otherhand, anyone offering ‘free shipping’ is perpetrating a fraud. They may not have a charge for shipping but that is because they have more than allowed for any shipping charges by inflating the price of the merchandise.

    If you don’t believe that, call UPS, FEDX, and USPS. Ask them about their free shipping program.

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