We frequently hear about sales all the time but they seem even more popular during Christmas.

We hear and see ads promising 50 percent and more off the regular price but they never even hint at what the regular price may be. Seems more than just a little risky to trust that the price you are asked to pay is indeed 50 percent off the ‘regular’ price. Especially when the item is of questionable need or utility.

Ever notice that the coupons you find in those ‘very valuable’ mailers are for items you can do without?

Then there are the three for one sales. These might do better if the individual prices per item were reduced to something more reasonable. Like say one third of the asking price for something you only need one of.

Then there are the rebates. Lately venders have gotten the message that customers do not like jumping through hoops to get a refund after paying exorbitant prices. You see more and more deals offering ‘instant’ rebates.

I am always amused by the ads offering the buyer $100 savings by pricing the item at $199. Usually its on things I can do without. I guess they don’t know I can save $299 by not buying the item at all.

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