Every so often insurance companies go out of their way to prove that do not deserve our business. I have been keeping my eye on Geico. Not because they bear watching or that I have nothing better to do. No, I am bombarded by their annoying ads from all sides.

Ever since they introduced a talking lizard as a spokes person I have pretty much written them off as being run by the insane but recently they have reached a new low with their ad campaign.

The ad opens by showing someone who has hired guards to protect his inventory of recreational vehicles and equipment. A second person considers guards unneccessary because he has insurance.

This is a blatant and nasty misrepresentation of the purpose of insurance and what it can do.

Insurance does not provide protection from loss. It merely provides some compensation to those who suffer a loss. In most cases insurance provides only partial compensation which does not allow the insured to replace the items which were lost. Even that partial compensation may not be forthcoming if the insurance company decides to contest the claim.

Insurance providers giving customers the impression that they have nothing to fear if the have insurance are misleading people and exposing them to disaster.

Companies involved in such misleading propaganda should be prosecuted for fraud.

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