USB cables

I’m not sure what USB actually stands for. I’m pretty sure it is not even close to the off color words I have made up for it. It all began when I bought a USB TV tuner for my computer. The thing was under $50 and does digital as well as analog off air reception. It came with a USB extension cable which came in handy because all my computers were designed by idiots that put the USB connectors on the back of the computer cabinet.

I was not overly impressed with the TV tuner device. It worked but I did not trust it to keep working so I put it aside and moved the extension cable to the computer in the ‘radio’ room. That machine also had its USB connectors in the back.

Recently I tried to use that cable with a memory stick to transfer some files. That computer runs Debian and has never failed to recognize the memory stick but this time it would not work. At first I thought it was the memory device. It was a recent acquisition. My wife got it as a free promotional give away at a new Staples opening. I did not expect much but it turns out that the problem was with the USB cable.

As usual problems are always caused by the things you would least expect.

Guess I need to try the TV tuner again now that I have a good cable. How opportune. Just in time for the February switch to digital.

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