LED Flashlight Deal

I recently had need of some computer related hardware and found that, as usual, the Geeks were offering what I needed at a very reasonable price. They were also offering an LED flashlight marked down from $5 to $3.50. I could use a decent flashlight and the price was attractive so I ordered the flashlight as well.

As I suspected the flashlight was made in China. That was okay by me but the foul smelling rubber sleeve on the body of the flashlight was not something I could live with at any price. No wonder the thing had been marked down in price. Had I found the thing in a store in person, they would have had to pay me to dispose of this toxic waste.

I will have to admit that the flashlight worked well. It was just its foul odor that was objectionable.

After a couple of days I finally found that I could cut off and discard the rubber grip without any trouble. That got rid of the smell and now I have a perfectly usable flashlight.

It provided an intense beam of solid white light and runs off three AAA batteries. I have no idea as to battery life but after having used it for about two weeks the batteries still seem strong.

One other interesting note. This flashlight contains 20 high intensity white LEDs. Even on the surplus market these devices sell for a pretty penny. Last time I checked the best deal on high intensity white LEDs was three for a dollar. At that rate the LEDs in that $3.50 flashlight are worth around $7. So if you are in need of some good LEDs for a DIY project, you might consider buying a $3.50 flashlight and saving some money.

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