You could go bankrupt taking advantage of all the ‘savings’ offered by those companies who have nothing better to do than advertise impossibly good deals on TV and radio.

But wait, thats not all. No, it is not all by a long shot. Promises of 50 percent off, buy one- get one free, and $500 savings on insurance are meaningless without knowing what it will actually cost you.

You might well wonder 50 percent off what? Ever notice they do not tell you the price? That is so you can’t compare it with offers from the competition. The buy one – get one free scam is even more insidious. Mainly because the second item is usually not needed or wanted. You end up paying a premium for something you don’t need.

Insurance companies that offer you $500 savings without disclosing their rates are pure scam artists. How can you trust them to insure you when they try to scam you with deceptive advertising?

just remember you can save 100 percent by not doing business with these scamers. Now that is a real savings.

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