Yellow Pages

Back in the 60’s the phone book used to have two sections. A white pages for residential numbers and a yellow pages for commercial numbers. As the population grew so did the phone book until soon we had an entire book devoted to yellow pages.

Today we find vendors and phone numbers for friends over the internet. We don’t need no stinkin phone books. They just take up counter space. Besides, I don’t have enough room in my SUV to store the darn things. The books are hard to use and close to worthless. The yellow book has gotten to be a low cost advertising rag with coupons in the back for stuff I don’t need.

Besides, if I don’t know a person well enough to have his phone number I probably don’t need to talk to him in the first place.

So, when the new phone book was delivered to our front porch in its large plastic bag with the substantial handles, we escorted the thing out the back door for garbage pickup. Got there just in time for the recycling truck to grab the thing. How interesting. Maybe they will turn it into next years phone book or maybe something useful, like roofing shingles.

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