1626 vacuum tube

The 1626 vacuum tube is a low power transmitting triode. Twelve volt filament and runs about 3 to 4 watts output. The closest ‘modern’ day equivalent is a 6C4. Contrary to popular opinion the 6C4 is NOT half a 12AU7. The 6C4 can run an ouput of around 5 watts. The 12AU7 (one triode section) can only do 2.7 watts. It would take both sections tied together to equal a 6C4 or 1626.

The 6C4 also has less than half the interelectrode capacitance of the 1626.

For information, the triodes in the 12AX7 can only do 1 watt each and the triodes in the 12AT7 are good for 2.5 watts each.

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