Several years ago we planted onions. We got three bundles and planted them all. The end result was a wheel barrow full of onions ranging in size from tennis balls to golf balls.

This year we planted onions again. Had trouble finding them. The local plant shop did not have any. They did not have much of anything exept high prices. Went to Home Depot and the place looked deserted. Deserted of plants. Lots of empty shelves. On a hunch we stopped at Bruce Millers nursery. They did not have much either but they did have onions at $1.50 a bundle.

Not sure how many are in a bundle. At least 50. All three bundles are now planted. This time the soil was rich having been recently improved with lots of compost.

We expect to grow a good crop of onions.

Yeah, I know, you can buy a 5lb bag of onions for $3.00, but we like to grow things.

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