Halllicrafters TO-keyer

Been considering building one of these. I have all the parts and these parts are in danger of getting lost if not used collectively in some project. Besides, I am tired of writing software and programming chips. Need some no-brainer, no thought project as a theraputic diversion.

So I inquired as to the function of the TO Keyer eager to listen to reviews from those in the know.

Appears that the TO has problems with speed stability and character completion. It acts funny. Not at all like a bug. More like a TO Keyer. Well that was enough for me. I need an enjoyable diversion, not another pain in the ass.

So now I have all these parts and no project to apply them. Oh well, that was the situation a few months ago too and we are still here. I bet things will be just fine in another few months even if those precious parts don’t get used. Who knows, with more time maybe they will really get lost and I will not have to worry about them anymore.

Guess I will program another TICK to use with the new paddles.

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