Important Messages

We never used to get ‘important’ messages on our voice mail but since we went to Vonage there seem to be more than just a few.

These are machine generated dribble claiming importance and are merely unnecessary nuisances that waste time and bandwidth.

If it is really important, of a legal nature, like a contractual promise or obligation, it needs to be communicated in writing. If it is an emergency situation, don’t call us, we are not an emergency responder.

If it really is important but of a non critical nature, the message will have a title and subject. The words ‘this is an important message’ indicates that the originator realizes his nuisance announcement will be summarily deleted otherwise.

Originators need not concern themselves with the ‘importance’ of their message. The recipient is usually more than capable of judging the importance of a communication for himself but it is difficult to do when the only description of the communication is ‘this is an important message’. No it is not important. It is an unnecessary waste of time.

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