FEDX Tracking

I have never, personally, taken anything to the FEDX place to ship so I do not know if they charge extra for ‘tracking’. If they do, don’t waste your dime on their nonsense.

I have shipped things UPS and they really DO track stuff. At least their tracking system is set up to make you think that stuff is being tracked. That they know where it was 12 hours ago judging by the claims of having scanned the bar code on the package at specific locations.

FEDX does not seem to have that presence. They give you you a confirmation that it was shipped. They give you a delivery date. That is it. This has happened to me on five packages that were shipped via FEDX ground during the last six months. One of the shipments was delayed. When it missed the scheduled delivery date, they merely pushed the date out by a couple of days. Even then it was only done after the original delivery date had been missed by more than a day.

FEDX also has an email message service that sends you messages regarding the status of your package. I tried that on a most recent shipment and I did get an email message. The contents verified the day the stuff was shipped and gave me a delivery date. This is not tracking! I already knew that it had been shipped and should be delivered in five days from the ship date. There was no information in the message that was new. A complete waste of time and effort. This is the same sort of ‘tracking’ nonsense that USPS offers.

Then I began to dwell on the need for tracking and discovered that other than knowing when the package was to arrive, I did not care where it was otherwise. As long as it was delivered in good condition and on time I could care less where the delivery vehicle was located. Why? Because there is nothing you can do about it anyway.

So, you see, tracking is really worthless except as a marketing trick. ‘We have tracking’ So what!? We should be more interested in if they can deliver the package on time and in good condition because that is what really counts.

The next time you are in the post office and they ask you if you want to pay for tracking and delivery confirmation, ask them why you would need that. Will it get my package to its destination faster and safer? Same goes for UPS and FEDx.

Don’t pay for useless services or services you don’t need.

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One Comment on “FEDX Tracking”

  1. admin Says:

    Well, it appears I was wrong. FedX tracking is real tracking and it is effective. Trouble is it only works on stuff they have in their control. You see the ship date of Feb 15 I got from the shipper was the date the package was packaged. Not the date it was taken by FedX for delivery. FedX did not pick up the package until Feb 18. However, FedX did get the shipping information on the 15th.

    So, it took as long for the package to be picked up at the vendors (3DAYS) as it took for the package to be delivered (3DAYS), for a total ‘shipping’ time of 6 days of which it was in transit only three days. This was FedX ground. Makes you wonder how they can promise overnight delivery if it takes them three days to pick up the package.

    Still, knowing what happened does not get the package to its destination any sooner or safer. Tracking is like the kids asking ‘are we there yet?’

    It is not quite as annoying when we do it but it is still a waste of time.

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