BillBoards and BillBords

We do not like to travel but every now and then it cannot be avoided. Our last ‘now and then’ occurred last weekend. We are always glad to arrive at our destination. We are always glad to get back. What we don’t like is the actual traveling. It is boring. Especially when it is the same old route we always take to the same old place.

On this last trip I amused myself by reading the billboards. At least some of them anyway. One that caught my eye was an ad from a builder claiming ‘we build houses the way you want’.

When you are bored, you have time to think. As I thought about what I had read, I began to wonder what sort of company would say something so insane.

How many people hire builders who don’t build houses the way they want? Why would a builder even consider it necessary to make such an insane comment?

Have they not heard of architects? Maybe not. Perhaps they are a bunch of farmers who have experience at building barns. Barns, houses, only difference is a few more windows in houses. We can do that. Heck it will save money on wall material. Yeah, lets tell people we build houses too.

I don’t remember the builders name but I am sure going to be on the lookout for folk that claim to build stuff the way I want. They have no idea.

While on the subject of billboards, I could not help but chuckle at one looking for someone to advertise on their billboard. The billboard reads something like, ‘Does billboard advertising work, just did.’ That false assumption is followed by a phone number.

Now if I were advertising on a billboard, I would want to get people to call the phone number I provide in the ad. When they do, that is when billboard advertising works. Billboard advertising does not work for people drawing false conclusions. It didn’t ‘just work’ because I did not call the number.

In fact, even if I were in the market to put an ad on a billboard, I would not call that one because his advertising approach is moronic.

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