NERO is software that came ‘free’ with the purchase of my Sony DVD burner. Supposedly, nero can author and burn DVDs and CDs. In reality it is a coaster maker.

It seems to burn CDs and DVDs as long as they are data only. It has a real problem making DVDs that you can run in a standard DVD player.

My drive came with Nero 6. It has been updated once to a newer version. The current version is 7 or 8. Heck, they may even be up to version ten by now. I don’t know and have no reason to find out because I am not ‘upgrading’ to software that does not work.

If they come back and make version 6 work I might reconsider. Naw who am I kidding, these folk have already demonstrated a complete lack of useful talent. Life is too short to waste time on morons.

Besides there is plenty of DVD authoring software out there that does work.

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