Doctor Quack

It is probably not fair to label as quacks all medical folk who act unprofessionally. There are probably some within the that pool of quackery who don’t deserve to be there, but these exceptions may be very rare. Even if that is not the case, who in their right mind would seek treatment from a doctor who at times is unprofessional?

We can put up with loud ads, screaming sales people, impossible claims, and even mail-in rebates from folk selling beads, trinkets, and novelties but when medical professionals act this way, we have to question their ethics and professionalism.

In the Dallas area we have had a running battle between two eye doctors for some time now. Each claims to be better than the other. I could not recommend either.

If they were as good as they claim, they would not have to resort such aggressive advertising. I am pretty sure that the aggressive advertising is a result of a lack of patients. Listening to such nonsense results in a lack of patience on my part as well.

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