The Game of Life

I read somewhere that in the game of life the person with the most toys at the time of death wins the game.

I believe that is a very short sighted outlook. My definition of a winning position is to be the one with the most toys that are still working when the end comes.

Recently one of my ‘toys’ broke. Several years ago I became the owner of a lawnmower that propelled itself. You did not need to push it. Just guide it and let it pull you along.

At the start of this season it required pushing. Lots of pushing. After half an hour of pushing I was all pushed out. This thing needed to be repaired or replace.

Replace was out of the question. New lawnmowers are now priced at what I would consider reasonable for a good used car. Guess I am still living in the 60’s. That is the 1960’s.

Repair was going to require parts. The main problem was that the drive bushing on the vertical shaft run by a pulley and belt from the main engine shaft was worn out. That and the fact that the worm drive gears were caked full with hardened grease was what was keeping the drive from driving.

Cleaning the gears was not all that much of a problem. Finding parts was another story. There are lots of places on the internet that offer parts for lawnmowers of all kinds including the one I have. All those places are completely worthless. Prices are outreagous, shipping is unreasonable, parts selection is non-existent. After cruising the internet for half an hour I was pretty well certain that I would not be able to find the part I needed.

Well, it turns out that I did not need to buy a new part after all. The drive gears are housed in a casting that bolts together. The casting is in two parts, upper and lower. The shaft that drives the wheels runs horizontally. The shaft that drives the horizontal shaft runs vertically. The two shafts combine in the casting and are supported by bushings. Two bushings for the horizontal shaft and one for the vertical shaft. The three bushings are identical! So, the horizontal shaft was polished so that one of the still good bushings could be removed. The good bushing was used to support the vertical shaft. The worn out bushing from the vertical shaft was used to support one side of the horizontal shaft. A worn out bushing on the horizontal shaft did not seem to bother the function of the shaft.

After a few choice words a few beers in celebration and a sharpening of the blade, I am again in business with a functioning lawn mower. It cuts, it mulches, and I don’t have to push it.

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