New Hard Drive

About the only thing birthdays are good for is to receive birthday presents, eat birthday cakes, and retrieve birthday cards from the mailbox.

This birthday I got a 500 gig hard drive. A full 500 giglebytes that I divided into two partitions of 250 gig each. That is so I can back up each partition with a 250 gig drive. 250 gig drives are cheaper than 500 gig drives, faster too. Although the 500 gig was not all that expensive or slow. Only $60 at Newegg and that includes shipping. I still recall paying $300 for my very first 10meg hard drive for my PC XT clone. An extremely painful memory. Just think, 1000meg is 1gig and this new drive has 500 x 1000meg or 500,000meg. 60/500000=.00012 dollars per meg or .0012 dollars per 10meg. By todays measure that $300 10meg drive would cost .12 cents today. Hey! that is just about what it is worth!

Well, now I can store all of my electronics and radio stuff on-line, on the hard drive, including 20 years of CQ, QST, and 73 magazine. All that and with full backup so that I don’t have to worry about data loss. All that and no need to connect that particular computer to the internet. No viruses or buggy virus elimination software for me.

And the other partition can hold over 100 movies!

Life is good again.

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