The Two Dollar Oil Can

Once again the lawnmower self-propel feature stopped working. Mechanism was not properly oiled. A little WD-40 and it was working again but I wanted it to work for an extended period of time. It required oil to do that. I had plenty of oil but no applicator.

Off to the hardware store to buy an oil can.

Lots of oil cans and oilers. Unfortunately no two dollar oilers. They start at five dollars and go up from there. Never mind that they are all made in China. They are all priced at True Value. I always wondered what that meant and now I know. It is a true value for the store.

Okay, well, what the heck. I will pay five dollars for a two dollar oiler but there was a problem. The thing would not scan at the checkout. Minor problem. Sent a flunky to check the price and he came back with nine dollars. Oops, lets check this. No need to check. Mr Flunky knows exactly where I found the oil can and the nine dollar price stands.

Good thing they know were I found it. It will allow them to put it back in the right place. I am pretty sure they are not going to stick it where I suggested. I don’t much mind paying five dollars for a two dollar oil can but I can’t go nearly ten dollars for the thing.

Got back to the car empty handed and explained what happened to my wife. Her comment, ‘ I guess they don’t understand that five dollars is better than no dollars’.

Left True Value Hardware and started driving. Handy Homer? Too far to go and Walmart is closed for remodeling. So off to Harbor Freight. Lordy, lordy, they don’t have two dollar oil cans either. Their oil cans are priced at two-fifty. Guess that is because they are made in India instead of China.

Moral of the story is that if you are looking for a two dollar oil can you need to go to a store that sells two dollar oil cans, not the local rip-off hardware emporium.

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