Dial Up

Believe it or not there are some holdouts still offering dial-up internet service. I saw an ad on TV just the other day. Under $10 a month for dial-up service. Of course you need an active phone line for that to work and that will cost you another $30 to $40 a month. So now we are up around close to $50 for slow dial-up internet service.

Seems close to absurd when for $60 a month you can get broadband and cable too. Then for a YEARLY fee of around $20 plus another $20 for the hardware you can run a VOIP on that broadband connection.

Dial-up? I guess if you have a telephone (VOIP or otherwise) you could also have dial-up but why bother when you already have broadband.

Unbelievable! Some people just refuse to believe when technology has destroyed their business prospects.

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