Not the brown shirt guys but the Uninterruptable Power Supply. The UPS is what you need if you want to remain “on-line” when the power goes “off-line”. That is if you are using a standard desktop computer and consider your work valuable enough to save.

We recently had a power glitch due to a local thunderstorm. Sure enough all our desktops lost their minds, rebooted, and woke up in a new world. The only computer which was immune was the old iBook. Even though it was being used like a desktop, this laptop always runs off its internal battery. The power cord to this remarkably reliable device merely serves to keep the internal battery up to charge.

Just one more good thing about my iBook. It has a built-in UPS. A very significant UPS too because it can run the iBook for almost six hours.

Wow! No data loss from power glitches or Microsoft Software! Apple did a very good thing when they made the iBook.

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