Win98 Surprize

As I was resurrecting an old Win98 machine, I quickly became aware that some of the stuff we use with XP does not work with Win98 unless we have special drivers. The USB memory stick is one thing that does not work without special drivers.

Also, there is some software that will not install on a Win98 system. Like Firefox 3 for instance. Firefox does not appear to have made any provisions for obtaining earlier versions of their browser. As near as I can tell version 2.0 is the last version that does not require at least Win2000.

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One Comment on “Win98 Surprize”

  1. admin Says:

    So much for Firefox 2.0. I kept getting complaints from the win98 system that Firefox was doing something illegal and needed to be closed.

    I finally got tired of this nonsense and now Firefox is closed and gone. Too bad, it was such a nice browser before it got upgraded. Now it seems to have two pounds of stuff in a one pound bag. I don’t think I need two pounds of stuff when I really don’t know what is in there. So we will dump it just like we did Opera and hope that K-Meleon behaves.

    We have used K-Meleon before without incicent. Got tired of looking at a lizard. Guess maybe I would prefer looking at a lizard than an error message.

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