Drake Twins

About three months ago I installed enough screws to finally secure the top and bottom covers to my R4C and T4XC. The screws had been removed years ago and were finally lost. The radios worked just fine with the screws missing but I finally decided that secured covers were better than loose covers.

No sooner had the new screws been installed than a couple of the pilot lights went dark. I might have known something was going to go wrong as soon as I buttoned the rigs up. It always does and matters not what rig.

I have been living with the dark panels for about six months. Turns out the radios work just fine without pilot lights. Besides, I got used to working in the dark. Recently I finally bought some leds with the intent of replacing the defective pilot bulbs.

Today I open up both rigs and both of the dark pilot lights came on.

I removed all the pilot lights, inspected the sockets, cleaned everything with Deoxit, and put everything back together. Everything except the screws that hold the top covers on these radios. Those covers may never again see another screw…ever.

Still holding on to the leds. Got them in a plastic bag tucked inbetween the IF transformers of the respective radios.

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One Comment on “Drake Twins”

  1. admin Says:

    Wow! It only took one day of being lit for one of the replacement #47s to burn out. Difficult to explain. Both these rigs were first made in the 1970’s (I believe). Regardless of when they were made it was a long time ago. More than 30 years. The pilot lights in them are at least 10 years old. That is how long I have had them. The replacement bulb was purchased at RS. Maybe that is why it burned out after 48 housr.

    Time to figure out how many and where and what color LEDs are needed to iluminate the dial properly.

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