Screen Saver – XP

I have been using my old higher speed computer for watching movies from Netflix. For about nine bucks a month netflix will allow you to stream movies off the internet and also provide you with one movie on
DVD by mail. The ‘by mail’ turn around is about two days but streaming off the internet is immediate and unlimited at a rate of one movie at at time. It is very similar to the Video-on-Demand feature you get with cable but with netflix you only pay about nine bucks a month and get to watch an unlimited amount of movies. If you have the time, netflix has the movies.

So much for the netflix salespitch. I like it. It is a good deal compared to cable rip-offs, but I don’t work for netflix and have no real interest in them other than the movies they provide me.

We watch movies in bed. The bedroom is where we have the computer running netflix movies. Since we use the computer monitor (a 20 inch) for a display, we would not be interested in any sort of screen saver action. So we set the screen saver option to ‘None’.

Even so the screen goes blank about a third of the way through the movies. Jiggle the mouse and the screen comes back up but it is very annoying.

Finally figured out what was causing the problem. There is a power saver option for the monitor. You get to it by going to the display function using the control panel. At the bottom of where you opt to energize and select the screen saver there is a power function. It has that stupid power saver logo on it. The default setting for the monitor power saver is twenty minutes. After twenty minuites of inaction from the keyboard or mouse, the computer kills power to the monitor. Well, it does not actually turn the monitor off, it just makes the screen go blank. Yeah, I know, really stupid! You got to wonder what the clowns at Microsoft were thinking (or not thinking).

So find the power saver setting that says ‘none’ select it and hit the apply button. I am not sure now if there is an apply button. If you see one, press it. In fact, everytime you see an apply button, press it. If you don’t, the change you just made may not take effect. Yes, the ‘apply’ button is another of the myriad of useless and pointless features of XP. I hear Vista is even worse and then only when you can get it to work.

Oh well, there is always Apple. I get the feeling Linux will never be ready for prime time. Too much stuff for people who don’t care.

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