Impulse buying at the computer store

People often advise me to avoid those displays that are set up at the entrance to stores. They are usually sucker bait for impulse buyers.

Well, our local computer emporiun is no exception to this practice.

Looking for CDs to transfer some pictures from the iBook to disk and free up some hard disk space. Right next to the entrance/exit was a large array of recordable CDs. Containers of 50 for $8.99.

Hmm…seemed a little on the rich side so I went into the store to see what else they had. Found stacks of 50 disks for the special price of $4.99. Plastic wrapped but no containers. No problem, I have lots of empty containers at home. Can’t justify paying $4.00 for a container when the 50 disks are only $4.99.

Sure glad I am not an impulse buyer.

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