AT&T Ding Dong

We live in Richardson. We have been using AT&T Uverse for over a year now and are happy with it.

Richardson has had an ordinance forbidding door to door solicitation. This covers any and all solicitation including Girl Scout Cookies and Boy Scout Fertilizer.

Folk in our part of town have come to consider the ringing of doorbells to be some form of emergency. Neighbor having a heart attact sort of thing.

Imagine my surprise and displeasure when some fool claiming to represent AT&T Uverse rings my doorbell and starts asking questions as though he has every right to do so.

I can sort of see this happening once but this was the second time in a month. If it happens again I am doing a citizens arrest on the fool, calling 911 and holding his ass until the cops show up.

Hopefully the folk at AT&T marketing will grow a brain and stop acting like fools. Their foolishness is making me doubt an otherwise decent service.

First off, we have been customers of Uverse for over a year now. We do not suffer fools kindly. We do not need the Uverse pitch man coming to our door unannounced, trying to sell us something we already have, then trying to verify certain personal information starting with our address. He actually wanted to verify our address even though he was standing on our front porch!

This sort of insane action on his part makes me wonder if he really was representing AT&T or just a fool with an AT&T badge intent on mischieve.

I think AT&T should be aware of such goings on. If they really did send this guy out to do some canvasing, they need to go back and do some homework. Maybe research their records to see who their current customers are. Maybe research local area laws and regulations to see that they comply. In short, they need to begin acting like adults and quit harrasing their customers.

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