Sears Direct Parts

I have an EZ walk behind Craftsman Lawnmower. It is a Sears frame with a five horsepower Honda engine for power. It is self propelled, hence the EZ walk behind title. It is front wheel drive which is not a very smart design because it tends to tilt backwards when the collection bag fills up with grass clippings. Backwards tilting allows the front wheels to lift off the ground and the EZ walk behind becomes the Hard-to-Push behind. So we don’t use the bagger and cut the grass frequently enough to avoid bailing the hay that would be left after a mowing. Without the bagger it becomes a decent mulcher as long as you don’t let the grass get too high.

With all its faults this mower is one of the best mowers I have ever had. That could be because all the other might have been crap.

The sears mower is about 3 years old. The engine shows no signs of weakening but the front wheel drive quit driving. So it became the Hard-to-Push behind all the time.

Had trouble finding parts for the thing. Google has evolved into a next to useless search engine. Seems the folk that pay Google the money get top billing. Never mind that they don’t have parts for the Craftsman mower, they do have the money to bribe Google into wasting your time with faulty search results. Course that might be improved by picking better search words. So we might not be able to give Google and greed all the credit but the search results have been wanting of late. Come to think of it if I am clarevoyant and able to pick really good search words, like Sears Direct Parts, then I don’t need Google at all. Either way Google looses.

I finally did find the correct place for Sears parts. A place that acutally recognized the model number of my mower and sent me to the correct parts list.

The original cost of the mower was $300. That was three years ago and about $100 more than I wanted to pay. I recently saw a very similar mower at Sams the other day. Rear wheel drive this time but it also had a Honda engine and a $300 price tag. So paying $50 for repair parts was not such a bad deal until you consider it only go you a couple of brass bushings, a geared shaft, a gear for the drive shaft, and an oil plug. Cost 10 bucks to have that stuff shipped to my door for a total of $50. Still, it was cheaper than buying a new mower at $300. It was also cheaper than the $60+ rebuild kit they offered. That 60 bucks was for parts only. It would have cost $70 to get it to your door. At $70 we are getting closer to the tipping point where it would make sense to go get the new mower at Sams for $300.

The best news is that the repair worked. Took about an hour to remove the wheels, shaft, and gearbox; and another hour to put it all back togther. Now if you can get paid $100 bucks an hour (take home) at a REAL job, you might not want to do this repair, but I have more time than money.

Sort of looking forward to mowing the lawn again. Just wish it was not so hot. Funny how the grass does not need mowing in the winter when it is cooler.

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