Beware of products made by ATI

ATI makes computer video cards also known as graphics cards. They also make computer motherboards.

I am not sure how good thier motherboards are but their video cards are crap.

They don’t work reliably under XP. Now this could be entirely due to XP but there is nothing on the ATI literature that warns of imcompatibility with XP.

Over a period of several months I have tried using two seperated ATI video boards in a computer running XP. One board is a 7500 series the other board is a 9520 series. Both boards appear to work at first then develop problems causing the computer to hang while in the middle of a video display. A movie. A movie on CD or a movie over the internet through a service like Netflix, or a movie out of an mpg file on a hard drive. Matters not what the source, the display freezes and the movie stops playing.

We do not have this problem with an older Nvidia graphics card.

We have researched the problem trying to decide if it were hardware or software related. It has been recommended that we try new ATI drivers. Maybe even replace the current ATI cards with newer cards.

In our search for solutions we found that ATI has been taken to court on some class action suit involving dissapointed customers. When we discovered that we pretty much put the lid on the box lableled ATI.

No more ATI anything. Now like I say It might be that XP is at fault, or the drivers may be flakey. It could also be that both ATI cards I have are faulty. It could also be that there really is a tooth fairy and a santa clause.

No, companies who publish software that does not work cannot be trusted to publish software that will work in the future. Granted, everyone deserves a second chance. ATI can have that second chance just as soon as I get my money back for putting up with their first chance screwup.

On the litigation against ATI I have no idea who is at fault if anyone. I don’t care to know. It is enough for me to know that ATI has made enough customers mad enough to bring litigation against the company. That tells me ATI does not qualify as an approved vendor in my book. There are too many other options out there. ATI is not the only maker of graphics video cards. There are others out there and when I last checked, Nvidia graphics cards worked without any problems.

So no more ATI junk.

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