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Apache and Win98

June 3, 2009

I just tried to install the latest Apache server into win98. It does not work anymore. Need to go back to an earlier version of Apache to make it work with win98.

Not sure if I would want to do that. Apache was never big on windows of anykind and prefered to be run on a Unix system. Apparently windows did (and still does) not provide even reasonable means to secure a server.

Okay. Never mind. I will just go and use the old Debian Etc system that is already set up with Apache2 and Mysql and WordPress.

Home Improvement Center RG6

June 2, 2009

The last time I needed 50 feet of RG6 coax I paid under $10 for it and I am pretty sure I got it at a home improvement center. That was about six months ago.

I needed another 50 feet of RG6 so I went back to the previous source and discovered the price had been increased to $17. That may have been because it had a GE logo on it. GE!!?? They don’t make cable! They just buy it from China and demand high prices for it. No thanks.

I got the grass seed I needed and left. On my way home I stopped at RS. Good old Tandy. Tandy cable holds the dubvious distiction of producing the worst coax in the universe. It as all of about 80 percent coverage on the shield. It is also priced very, very, low and still works okay.

Guess that was a few years ago. Today they want $40 for a 50 foot roll of RG6. Heck, I can get REAL coax from Belden for that price!

BGMicro has surplus 25 foot rolls of RG6 for under $3 a roll. They also have cheap connectors to connect two 25 foot rolls together and make the 50 feet I need. Unfortunately the shipping is nearly $8 for USPS and $9 dollars for UPS. Never mind that I am in the same town, shipping is going to cost as much as the cable. Then there is also sales tax. The combined cost of tax and shipping is more than the cost of the cable! No thanks.

I finally went to my old standby, All Electronics in California. Shipping at $7 but no salses tax. Not sure why local shipping is $8 when I can get 2lbs. of stuff shipped to my door from the west coast for less.

Well the total bill was $50 but that includes lots of cable, rechargable batteries, battery rechargers, audio cables and adapters, and some other goodies that I coule not resist.

It is not the money so much as what you feel you get for it. I was not about to settle for 50 feet of Tandy cable for that amount!