True Value

It is finally official. Our local ‘true value’ hardware place has turned into rip-off central.

I needed an ac plug to install on a line cord for a lamp. I searched my garage and found some dippy little contraption where the connection to the wire was through spikes that would pierce the insulation to make contact. Either the spikes were too short or the wire insulation was too thick or both. This approach did not work.

Off to the hardware store. This was a common item which was certainly going to be in stock and affordable.

I finally found a bin full of plastic plugs with screw connections for the line cord. Price: $1.78.

Now it is not that I could ill afford to pay that much. I had a twenty burning a hole in my pocket but I was not about to pay nearly two bucks for an item that was worth 50 cents, tops.

So off to Harbor Freight. They only had the super quality Hubble style connectors. The ones with three prongs that you see on professional extention cords and industrial, heavy duty power equipment. Not really suitable for a lamp cord plug. Even so I made note that they were reasonably priced. Two bucks for the male and three bucks for the female. I have seen these same connectors at 8 bucks each at Home Depot.

Off to the local Albertsons. It was on the way home from Harbor Freight. Sometimes gocery stores have small hardware sections and sometimes they have ac line cord plugs. Not this time.

Stopped at a surplus machine tool shop on the way home. They did not have any ac line cord plugs either but they did have some really nice machine tools. They made Harbor Freight look like a junk store and their prices were only slightly higher than Harbor Freight.

Came home empty handed but better educated and a little wiser. No more True Value for me. Ever since they changed hands, they have gone downhill in a steady decline. You can pretty much tell if a place is worth entering by the number of cars parked in front. This particular hardware place used to have a full lot of cars at nearly any hour of the day. When I got there today I was the second of two cars parked out front. I also noticed that the Sears lot was practically deserted too. I have not been in a Sears in over two years. Soon I will be able to say the same for ‘True Value’.

A 20 minute search through 20 boxes of stored parts and I had the plug I needed. I knew I had one somewhere but thought it would be eaiser just to buy a new one. Next time I will know better.

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