We Will Meet or Beat Anyones Price

I have heard this line of crap for decades. Usually on the radio and more often than not in automobile dealer ads. They spout this line as though they are proud of it and expect you to hold them in high esteem for offering not to screw the buyer. Is that really what they are offering?

After some reflection, I think not. Folk that offer you this ‘deal’ are virtually admitting that their prices are probably higher than anyone elses. They are daring you to find a lower price, which you probably will. Then, because they are greedy, they do not want you to do business with the dealer giving you the fair price. They will forgo their confiscatory pricing this time if they can deny the fair dealer the sale he rightfully deserves.

When viewed in this light the guy who will meet and beat anyone elses prices is identified as a super sleazeball.

How proud are you going to be to tell your friends that you bought your car from a super sleazeball dealer? That you allowed yourself to get screwed?

What if you have trouble with the car? Is Mr. sleazeball going to meet and beat all maintenance and repair charges or is he going to charge you extra because you cost him a profit by finding a lower price for the original purchase?

Then the most obvious question arrises. You have to be nuts to go back to the higher priced option when you find a dealer that is offering you a lower price. When all things are equal you need to be doing business with the fellow offering value for your dollar. Mr. ‘meet or beat’ is out to screw you. Why woud you empower him to do that when there is another, more economical alternative?

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