4 Channel DVR

AT&T’s latest commecial sports their 4 channel DVR. Using it you can record four programs on four different channels at the same time.

They seem to be oblivious to the fact that their progamming content seldom even has one channel showing content that most would find recordable. That is true if you have the basic package or the full blown 300 some odd plus channel package.

You can’t fault AT&T for the lousy programming. You get the same from any of the other cable providers.

You can fault AT&T for trying to sell something no one wants or needs.

We were just treated to a full month of free viewing of Starz and Showtime premium channels. Finally, for once, no commercials. Trouble is there was nothing worth watching.

Those with time to waste would probably find something to watch. After all, moving pictures still fascinate the dullest of minds. Trouble is these services require money as well as time and there was nothing there worth paying money to see.

Now keeping that in mind, why would anyone consider paying even more money to rent the equipment that can record four different unwatchable, trashy, programs at the same time?

You can do much better with a Netflix subscription. At least there you have the convenience of VOD on the cheap.

Not that Netflix offers super high quality programming, but they do offer good reviews and endless choices. It is nice to be able to select the material when you are intent on rotting your mind.

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