Just installed version 7.1.1 of PC-BSD. No problems at all. Nothing like last time. Last time I had no end of problems and finally gave up. Those problems might have been due to hardware. Very old and slow hardware with little memory.

This time I am using an Athlon processor running at 1.5gig with 2 gig of ram memory. Everything seems to work fine with that setup.

Really uncanny how simple computing is with PC-BSD. The only other computer that is this forgiving is my old iBook.

Not sure how good PC-BSD is at video capture or if it is well suited to support those features but I am going to have to find out.

Really nice not to have to worry anymore about defraging the hard drive or all those other things that the old windows make you do. PC-BSD is even better than Linux. I had been using Debian but no more. PC-BSD takes care of getting and installing software without need for all those typical Linux tasks.

Finally a computer system that works for me instead of the other way around.

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