Controversy regarding AARP support for current health care reform legislation appears to raise additional controversy among seniors regarding the true intentions and objectives of that organization.

We have always thought that AARP was an advocacy group seeking to provide seniors with benefits unique to being a senior citizen. Any doubts regarding who is the benificiary of AARP activities raise serious questions regarding AARP purpose and activity.

We used to belong to the AARP before this contorversy. We allowed out membership to lapse because we became convinced that it was only the AARP which was benefiting from our memebership dues.

Now it could be that unsuspecting seniors may be providing an advesary group with support.

Like I said, it is a controversy, but even the fact that it is in controversy is enough reason to ditch the AARP.

Seniors are at a stage in life where they cannot afford to make mistakes because they may not have time left to correct them. Uncertainty is not our friend. AARP may not be our friend either.

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