Hardware or Software

When troubles start most engineers will blame the software, most programmers will blame the hardware. Which is right?

Neither is right. They just are both lazy so they blame something out of their realm of responsibility. They act like politicians. Who?, me?, I wasn’t even there when the s–t hit the fan.

You have to trust your own conclusions based on the facts. The real facts. Facts that you can see and evaluate.

When software that runs on other equipment without incident suddenly goes bonkers in your machine, it is probably not the software. Even if it is your machine alone that goes bonkers. As long as it was working correctly at some time with the software it is running now, it is probably not the software.

That is how I was able to find and identify a bad hard drive and some bad system memory (RAM). The hard drive was not dead but developed some bad sectors. Being more than then years old it got trashed. Same with the memory. The memory was not all dead but had enough stuck bits to not be able to read what was written. Symptoms similar to buggy software but it was definately the memory because when it was replace the problem dissappeared. No not in as in a magic act as in, ‘Look! the elephant dissappeared. It just friggin dissappeared.

No, the problem went away and stayed gone for the better part of a week with the machine running around the clock.

So the next time the engineer tells you it is software, or the programmer tells you it is hardware, take a look yourself. Especially if it is your machine or your investment.

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