Multiple Systems re-Visited

After I nuked my latest multiple boot system, I decided to put all the Microsoft stuff on its own disk. A disk for XP, and seperate disks for the other Microsoft stuff I had accumulated.

That worked fine for a while until I had to start over on the XP drive which is the first drive, first partition. I did not know how to make a Grub boot floppy. I do now but then it took longer to learn how to do that than just reinstall everything again. That reinstall works now but later, when I have lots of time and effort invested in each system I am not going to be wanting to reinstall it all over again.

So now I have a boot floppy and a spare. XP can go to hell and take the MBR with it and I still can boot Debian.


I started using the boot disk to boot everything. Insert the disk, wait for the Grub screen to come up, select the operating system you want.

Then I discovered if I just wanted to boot XP, I could do so merely by disengaging the boot floppy and letting the system default to boot of the MBR on the XP drive.

Then I became aware that having XP as an option on the Grub boot disk was just a PIA when I wanted to boot Debian. So I changed the default in Grubs menu.lst file back to 0. Now it boots Debian automatically since Debian is the first active entry in the menu.lst file.

To summarize: Pop the disk out of the drive and do a cold boot to boot XP.
Push the disk into the drive and do a cold boot to boot Debian.

The BIOS is set to a boot order of Disk, CD, HardDrive.

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