GRUB Geom Error

Seems that the more I use computers the more problems I find. The Grub error in the title comes up if you have changed (added or deleated) partitions to the system. Removed or added drives before the Linux drive or partition. Doing so will no longer allow Grub to find the linux boot partition. Grub takes its drive information from the BIOS. If a drive does not pqwer up it will not appear in the BIOS so Grun does not know about it.

In my case I had unplugged all but the XP drive to re-install XP. Then I forgot to hook up the rest of the drives after installation.

The second time I got the geom error, the second had disk did not power up. Weak power supply? Maybe. I tensioned the power connector molex sockets by squeezing them together using a screwdriver. Then sprayed some contact cleaner on the connector pins and sockets and put everything back together. So far that has solved the problem.

After that was corrected I found I could not log on to Debian. Turns out my keyboard was not sending ‘s’ or ‘c’. Keys stuck. Changing out the keyboard corrected the problem.

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