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Turns out it is very useful to know how to use the dd command in Linux.

The ‘dd’ command is a low level command line utility that allows reading and writing memory to screen, files, and other memory. It is useful in duplicating disks (partitions) by directly reading from one and writing to another. It can make backups of entire partitions by creating image files of the source partition. It applies to hard drives as well as floppy disks as well as any other storage media including tape drives and USB memory sticks.

Being a very powerful command line utility, dd can destroy a computer system in seconds if used improperly. There are no cautions included in this utility. Careful use is necessary and a full understanding of the command is a must.

More about dd at:


Linuxquestions.org has other useful answers. Answers to questions you might not even have thought to ask.

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