Off Site Backups

If your data has value, I mean real value, if it is worth something significant, if it would cost your serious money to restore it, or if it is not at all restorable, then (and only then) is off site backup justified.

Even when off site backup is justified, you need to re-examine the advisability of entrusting something SO valuable to people you don’t know or the pitfalls of sending something of value over the internet, round trip.

I find it somewhat dumb to send my important data to someone and pay them for the priviledge. Ever hear of identity theft?

I am not implying that off site backup services cannot be trusted but why do you want to trust someone you don’t know?

You would be better off giving your data to your neighbor for safe keeping.

If you don’t have any friends or neighbors you can always clone your hard drive and keep it ‘off site’ in a safe deposit box at a local bank.

Yes off site storage is needed if your data has serious value. For most of us it would be sufficient just to keep a cloned copy of the hard drive in a safe place in our home. Of couse, if your home were destroyed in a fire you would loose the original and backup hard drives together.

Doing your own off site backup is not as convenient as backing up off site electronically with the help of a backing up service but doing it yourself is most likely cheaper and far more secure.

When you can purchase a 400gig hard drive for under fifty dollars, you really can’t complain about backup costs.

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