If programmers knew how tiresome frequent updates were there would not be so many. Or would there.

Frequent updates indicate that the job of writing the software is an ongoing excercise. That nothing about it is ready for use. It needs constant fiddling to keep it running. That is not software. That is bull shit.

Before software is released it needs to be tested particularly if the creator expects to be paid.

An initial release of a software package needs to be judged on how many updates it receives in the first year of use. Each update will allow purchasers of the software a ten percent refund on the purchase price. At that rate some software producers would be out of business because they would have gone deep into debt just have their software still ‘out there’ annoying people.

I can understand an update a month or even a week especially on new software, but stuff that has been out there a while or nearly daily updates on new software are clear indications that these folk have lost it. They show they do not know what they are doing and we need to avoid using their junky product before it gets us into trouble.

I no longer use any form of windows or dos to access the internet. All forms and versions of these softwares have long since outworn their welcome. I still use them because I have applications that will not run under wine on Linux and others that will not run on Linux, using wine or anything else but I have turned off the automatic update feature, disabled the ethernet connection used under windows and even unplug the ethernet cable when using windows. This is my way of securing windows from unauthorized use. It eliminates any succeptability to security breaches and shields me from the constant barage of updates and validity checks.

Best of all it allows me to run without firewall or resource wasting virus checking software.

Nearly all my internet browsing is now done with a live CD running Puppy Linux.

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