Too Big to Fail

After the GM post I began to dwell on this topic. The more I thought about it the more absurd it became.

Size (big), and Success do not come in the same package. They don’t even share the same zip code! They may be mutually exclusive. The truth is, the bigger you are, the harder you have to work to be successful.

So, when someone implies something is ‘too big to fail’, they are delivering an oxymoron. In other words they are acting as morons delivering an oxy.

I don’t know what an oxy is either. Suffice to know it is being delivered by a moron. So, consider the source and act accordingly.

The subject of this post is a tool used by the flim-flam man to redirect, confuse, frustrate, and otherwise offer snake oil as a solution to a serious malady.

We confuse ‘too big’ with ‘too good’. Bigger is not better. The malady is not the failure. The malady is the bigness. The remedy is the failure.

Don’t be mislead by the razzle dazzle.

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One Comment on “Too Big to Fail”

  1. admin Says:

    Then there is the most obvious and logical conclusion.

    If it is too big to fail, why are we talking aqbout its failure?

    Some would say it is not big enough.

    You can always find useful idiots.

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