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Good Intentions

November 28, 2009

You hear about ‘Good Intentions’ in the face of bad results. The ‘Good Intentions’ factor is provided as a way of allowing the suspected incompetent to try again.

After the third try with bad results on each turn there is not nearly as much benefit to the doubt and the fool in question is usually invited to take his good intentions and go elsewhere.

Good intentions is a quality that cannot be prooven. At least not as clearly as bad intentions and when results are consistently bad one has to question the goodness of ‘Good Intentions’.

Of course, given bad intentions, the perp would not be allowed to play at all. Three consecutive occurances of bad results can be considered as damagiing as bad intentions in the first place.

It's the Thought That Counts

November 28, 2009

No its not!! No one ever got credit for wishful thinking. It is how you put the thought to action that counts and if the action is lacking, you don’t get any credit either. Ask my wife.

Off Air TV

November 22, 2009

Seems that most of the new digital channels are in the UHF region. We do have basic cable but getting something for nothing is too big a plum not to pick it up if you can.

So, we added a four bay UHF TV antenna to our ham radio antenna. We mounted the TV antenna just on the other side of the mast from the ham antenna rotator.

We feed the TV antenna with open wire line hoping that the feedline might pick up some VHF signals as well as providing the absolute lowest attenuation of the UHF signals.

Seemed simple enough. We modified two U-bolts to fit the oversized mast and proceeded to mount the antenna.

The first problem was that it interferred with the rotator. So we made two metal stand-offs that would support the TV antenna out and away from the rotator.

The second problem was that the feedline was just a little too short. One lousy inch to be exact, but enough to have to solder extensions onto the existing feedline in order to reach the feedline connections at the antenna.

Took the better part of a day to make and install the necessary parts but finally finished.

Now all we need to do is hook up the feedline in the attic and see if the new antenna works.


November 22, 2009

When I was in school, I was in the ROTC program. Folk in this program were rewarded with merits. They were also given demerits for things not rewardable.

Some of us thought that it was okay to have demerits as long as you had at least as many merits. Sort of like the merits cancelled the demerits.

No such thing! Our stinking thinking was quickly corrected when the officer in charge expained the situation. He informed us that having an equal number of merits and demerits merely indicated that we did the right thing half the time. The other half we were not flying right. Since he could never be sure when we were going to fly left, he could not depend on us for anything but the most trivial tasks. In short, he would not let us fly at all for fear we would hurt someone.

I think this lesson is something politicians should take to heart. It is not good enough to do good things. They also need to avoid doing bad things. Good things do not offset bad things. Doing both merely marks a person as being unreliable.

For instance, being a moderate has nothing to do with moderation. It merely marks a person as being moderately good at times and moderately bad at other times. Essentially unreliable.

Are you listening Gov Perry and Senator Hutchison?


November 22, 2009

Automated Teller Machine.

That is a device that gives you back your money and charges you for the convenience. Leave it to the banks to come up with ways to screw the public.

Here they save thousands of dollars by not having to hire a human teller. A human teller that does not charge you extra for getting your money over the counter, but using the machine which saves the bank money can cost you plenty.

Yes, but it is so convenient. It is convenient. Especially for the muggers just waiting for you to withdraw your cash. People hardly ever get mugged in a bank lobby.

ATMs facilitate crime and allow the banks to rob you too.

We don’t use ATMs.

We try not to do business with banks that have ATMs. Even those who do not charge an ATM fee because we do not want to become targets for muggers.

Savings 1.7 percent annual return

November 19, 2009

I recently received an offer from a savings bank to open an account with them. They would not charge me to open the account and pay me 1.7 percent interest on my deposit and there would not be any minimum deposit restriction. Oh, and the FDIC would protect my ‘investment’. I guess these bankers don’t know that the FDIC is broke.

Wow! Needless to say I triped over my shorts in my rush to get to the phone and take advantage of this superb offer…NOT!

Looking at this from a new perspective, the savings bank is asking me to loan them whatever money I can, at a 1.7 percent interest rate. This is about as close to free money as anyone has ever come without being a bank robber.

Lets turn the tables on this nonsense. Lets see what the banks reaction would be. My offer is for them to loan me as much money as they have at an annual rate of 1.7 percent and I will not charge them for the priveledge to do so.

Do you suppose their reaction would be as dramatic as mine to their nonsensical offer?

Things look a whole lot different when the shoe is on the other foot.

You see, when you are in a business that does not produce anything worth marketing, the only way you can make money is to defraud the public.

Calendar Widget

November 19, 2009

I just noticed that the calendar widget on the lower left of this blog has some days in bold numbers and a greyed-out background.

It appears that those days are ones on which new posts were added to this blog.

Yeah, I know, is that really useful?

Useful or not, it think it is cool.