Sounds like a rare disease but Atahualpa is much more the cure than the malady. It is the name of the theme being used in this blog.

After I started this blog with Kubrick it took me a while to figure out how to make the rotating header graphics work. I soon discovered that everything that is difficult to do is not always worth doing. Everytime someone got a brain fart and came up with a WordPress update the header graphics would quit working after the update.

This last time I updated the graphics again quit working and this time I left them busted. Got better things to do than play with pictures or try to learn real programming. It would be different if it was earning me a living but this was just wasting my time.

Today I discovered Atahualpa. The configuration software for this theme is written in english, not some cryptic and insane programming language. Better yet, you don’t have to search for what section of code needs fooling with. Everything is plainly identified, gives instruction as to use, and even provided examples of what to do AND how to do it.

Software with a built-in ‘How-TO’. Now here is a real improvement over code with self documenting jiberish!

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